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We hope you’re able to find the answers to all your Birmingham Box questions below. If not, email us at [email protected].

What is Birmingham Box?FAQ Arrow

We’ve stuffed every building, including Vulcan and Regions Field into a single box. Just kidding, it’s a box full of products from our favorite Birmingham brands.

What about shipping?FAQ Arrow

We charge a flat rate for each box size. The five item box is $5 and the 10 item box is $10 to ship anywhere in the US. If you’re sharing Birmingham to someone outside the US, there has to be an additional fee ($20) to help cover our costs.

What comes in the box?FAQ Arrow

Whatever you pick! Check out our box building page to see what we offer!

Why Birmingham?FAQ Arrow

C’mon now, who doesn’t love the Magic City?

Can I order more than one box?FAQ Arrow

Of course, but you can only pick one shipping address on our website. If you’d like to send them to more than one address, just shoot us an email at [email protected]

Wait, you do wedding boxes?FAQ Arrow

You bet! Birmingham Box is a great way to welcome your out of town guests. If boxes are ordered more than a month out, we can print custom boxes for your wedding.